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Condensation issues

The IPX7 rating for Garmin and other products is valid. The issue of condensation, especially in watches, is invariably caused by the pressing of a button, either purposefully or {unknowingly} by accident, while the device is wet, thus breaking the IPX7 seal and is the primary cause of most condensation issues. 

What can I do?
  • Put the watch into a Ziploc bag of rice or silica gel, seal it, and then place it into a second Ziploc bag, so it is airtight ... leave it there for about 5 – 7 days
  • If this doesn’t fix it, or there are fish inside ... it will probably need to be returned to us ... please call or check with us! Do NOT just send it to us.
  • If the watch has a QR mount attached, we will need to know what you can see of the serial number.

Also note...
Some people also find that if they leave their watch in the sun, it forms condensation on the glass underface.  This is relatively normal.  The air we breathe has a level of humidity in it, as does the watch inside.  The solution to this is to reduce the temperature of the watch slowly back to normal, and then use the quickish fix above if you have concerns.

The system Garmin uses has been overhauled:

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