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USB sticks

Differences between USB1 and USB2

The primary difference between USB1 and USB2 is the number of ANT channels the stick supports. The number of channels determines how many devices the stick can handle, as each connected device operates on a single channel. USB1 has 4 channels (and can thus connect up to 4 devices) whereas USB2 offers 8 channels (and can thus connect up to 8 devices).

USB2 not only offers the ability to pair more devices, but it also features more robust connections once devices are connected.

In common scenarios like downloading your data, it doesn’t really matter if you use a USB1 or USB2 stick but when it comes to applications that may leverage the USB stick for real-time data transfer – such as Zwift or Trainer Road the extra channels become particularly important if you have multiple ANT+ accessories (like Speed, Cadence, Power Meters, Heart Rate, etc…)

Determining what kind of USB stick you have

ANT+ USB1 sticks are no longer in production.

All recently purchased ANT+ sticks will be of the USB2 variety. However, if you're using an older ANT+ stick, there's a chance it may be USB1.

You can tell if your ANT+ stick is a USB1 model in two ways:

1. The stick will be labelled "USB1-Wireless USB Stick" on the reverse side of the stick.  (USB1 Stick.jpg)
2. If you have a Garmin-manufactured stick, the inner portion of the plug-in point will be white.  (USB1 Stick-2.jpg)

If neither of the above are applicable to your ANT+ stick, it's probably USB2.   Additionally, all mini ANT+ USB sticks are USB2

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