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KICKR and XD drivers

Wahoo do not offer an XD driver type freehub body option for the KICKR (nor do 3rd party's, at the time of writing).

11 speed XD Driver equipped bikes (which use a 142 or 148 x 12 thru axle) is compatible with the 17 KICKR. The customer needs to use the 11 speed cassette that comes standard on the 17 KICKR (the XD cassette will not fit on the KICKR, any attempt to do so will void the warranty).

To use a 12 speed XD driver equipped bike with the 2017 KICKR, Wahoo successfully tested the SunRace MZ90 12-speed 11-50T Cassette on the 2017 KICKR (then tested with a SRAM Eagle equipped bike). This cassette uses the standard Shimano/ SRAM cassette splines.

The limits on the rear derailleur required an adjustment. We also adjusted the cable tension. The Youtube link below will clarify more.

This link has some additional information concerning compatibility with the KICKR:

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