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COROS reset for the LINX system

Please work through EACH of these items ... 

  • Please make sure the power outlet is functioning properly.
  • Then make sure the cable is working.  
    • Please try the cable you have with other items; this is the easiest method.  IF they charge, then your cable would be ok.
  • After that, leave your helmet charged for overnight.   
    • Do NOT use a laptop ... they are often set to disable the USB port when they go to sleep.
  • The next day, unplug the cable and hold the power button for more than 15 seconds; we find a slow count of 20 ... 1, 1000; 2, 1000 ... etc.
Let me know if your LINX is able to function again after the above procedures. Hope this helps. 

 Last updated Fri, Jun 7 2019 10:35

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