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Incomplete Firmware Update

The most common cause of this issue is related to the KICKR Core being connected to more than 1 app (or device).

Please note that we recommend a smartphone within 2 to 3 years old which is using the current operating systems.

Please use the tips outlined in the link below to troubleshoot this type of issue:

If issues updating persist, please take a look at our signal interference article to eliminate possible conflicts with other devices and try again.

If the issue continues, using the steps outlined below, please revert the firmware and then update to the the current firmware.

Here are the instructions on how to revert the firmware:
  1. Unplug the trainer for 10 seconds
  2. Open the Wahoo Utilities app app.
  3. Make sure the Wahoo device is powered on.
  4. Click on the Wahoo device when it pops up.
  5. Wait for the Wahoo Device to connect, once connected tap the grey icon of the device with the Bluetooth emblem in it 10 times to bring up the firmware update list. Choose the previous public firmware version.
  6. Allow the update to finish.
  7. Unplug the trainer for 10 seconds, then follow the normal update process using the steps outlined within the link below.

If the issue reoccurs, please complete this process with a different android device.

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