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Temperature issues ?

The mechanism that reads external temperature for the ELEMNT is a barometer and it is reading ambient pressure which, while close, may not be exact.

If testing a Wahoo Computer while indoors, Wahoo Computers use a barometric sensor which will only function properly when outdoors. Please also note that the calibration of the barometric sensor of a Wahoo Computer can take a few minutes when moving from indoors to outdoors.

If the concern is related to an ELEMNT please check the back of your ELEMNT for two sets of 4 holes arranged in a square. For best results, keep these ports clear of debris, by gently using compressed air.

We don’t recommend using pins!!

ELEMNT temperature measurements are designed to be accurate in normal riding conditions, but occasionally differ from true ambient temperatures when affected by the following factors:

  • Sudden changes in ambient temperature take time to affect the sensor
  • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can warm the device in excess of ambient temperature
  • Charging (typically with an external battery) can cause additional warming

Ultimately, due to the number of variables which can impact temperatures, we consider +/- 5 degrees Celsius to be within spec.

If you're experiencing unexpected negative or extremely high reported temperatures, this may indicate a hardware issue.

We will request the FIT file from the computer to confirm if a failure has occurred, ensure you have this when you create a ticket.

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