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What is the Master Reset for my Forerunner 735xt ?

First Method:
 You'll need three hands.

Press and hold the LIGHT key on your 735xt, for about 15sec until the device turns off.

Once off, hold both the BACK and RESET buttons, at the same time.  Don't let go.  Now, hold the LIGHT button to turn the unit on.

You will be asked if you would like to FACTORY RESET your watch, select YES

Second Method:                 Relies on the 735xt already being setup in the app

On your smartphone, open Garmin Connect

Go to the OPTIONS menu and select SETTINGS  (little three line icon top left I think)

  • Select SYSTEM menu
  • Select YES to confirm

Your 735xt will now begin deleting all data and restore to its factory default settings

 Last updated Mon, Jul 6 2015 14:32

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