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Bluetooth and ANT+ ... pairing with both

Some people have issues with using Bluetooth and ANT+ ...

With Bluetooth, a slave can only connect to one master device, while with Ant+ each device can be a slave and a master at the same time and a slave can broadcast to multiple master devices too. The TICKR can't be connected with more than one device over BT, but it can be connected with one device over BT and broadcast to multiple other devices over Ant+ at the same time.

This means, connecting the TICKR with your Elemnt over BT can cause problems if you have also setup a TICKR BT connection with your phone to use with a running app or the Wahoo Fitness app for instance.

The TICKR will then connect to the first device it finds and will not accept other connections. What you can do is connect your TICKR with your Elemnt over Ant+ and connect your Elemnt with your phone over BT. This why both devices can be connected at the same time and you won't have connection issues on either device.

For a stupid reason, the Element prefers to connect with your TICKR through BT rather than Ant+ by default.

This is because the TICKR can also act as a cadence meter if it's connected over BT by analysing your body movements. But no-one really uses his TICKR as a cadence sensor and few people even knows this is possible.

If you want you can go in to the menu on the Elemnt, then select the TICKR from the list with connected sensors en go to the device info. From there you either see the BT ID or the Ant+ ID. If it shows you the BT ID, it means your TICKR is connected over BT and if it shows you the Ant+ ID it's connected over Ant+.

There is no setting or other user interface that allows you to chose which way you want your TICKR to connect to your Elemnt.

What you can do however is the following:
  • First forget the device on the Wahoo E.
  • Then connect the Tickr through BT with another device such as your phone or computer.
  • Then try to connect the Tickr with the Wahoo E through the device itself.

It will then connect over Ant+.

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