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It is important to note that this firmware update is for XTRAINERZ ONLY

Any attempt to load them onto a different model will void your warranty!

This firmware update resolves the following issues (amongst others):
  • power on issues / pc recognition
  • file recognition
  • abnormal LED flash
  • some Bluetooth issues
  • track listing order / shuffle mode
It also has a resolution for the MacOS for the removal of mp3 files.

PLEASE ensure you read the firmware upgrade instructions FIRST fully, before doing anything.

Correct at 29Jun2020

Attachments: How to list tracks order_EN.pdf (361.3 kb)  MP3_MacOS.pdf (303.4 kb)  Download manual.pdf (763.8 kb)  Firmware Upgrade Instruction_EN-5.03.pdf (692.2 kb)  BCT43_5_03_190304.rar (696.6 kb) 

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