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Wahoo sensor issues

RPM / Speed / Cadence Sensors // BT Trouble ?

Some of this may
be applicable to your situation ... please ensure that you read through things FIRST.

Missing a step can lead to all sorts of complications.

Trouble ???

Updating Firmware:

RPM Speed - Fitment / Workout Basics / Troubleshooting

RPM Speed - Battery change

RPM Speed - Mounting

RPM Cadence - Fitment / Workout Basics / Troubleshooting

RPM Cadence - Battery change

ANDROID BT Troubleshooting:

iOS BT Troubleshooting:

Of course, it may well be that the device is faulty. IF you have gone through the applicable link above, I'll need the results of what happened. Don't forget that sometimes, pictures can tell most of the story ... so attach them when you can see something we cannot.

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