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Edge 510 Format and Reinstall Instructions

These instructions were written using a Windows PC ... they will necessarily be slightly different if you have a MAC, but the principles will be the same.


1. Download the following file from

2. Extract the file contents to a folder you can easily find (e.g. the desktop)

3. Connect the Edge 510 to your computer using the supplied Garmin USB cable.  
(It should show up as a "flash drive/USB hard drive". You may see an Autoplay window appear, asking you to 'Open folders to view files'. Perfect.)

4. Right click on the Drive marked as Garmin, and select Format.

5. Ensure 'Unit Allocation Size' is set to DEFAULT

6. Ensure Quick Format option is and remains unticked

7. Begin the Format

8. When Format is complete, copy the files you extracted previously into the newly formatted Garmin drive. 

9. Once the copy is finished, SAFELY unplug your Garmin, turn it on, and do nothing else.  
  • It might also start looking for satellites or ... 
  • When it asks you (IF it does ask you) to select a language, DON'T select a language .... just turn it OFF.

10. Plug the Garmin back into your PC and wait ~1 minute (give your pc time to find and install drivers again, if needs be, refer step 3 again)

11. Install and run Garmin WebUpdater to update the software at

12. Once updated, SAFELY unplug your Garmin and then turn on to complete the process!  BE PATIENT.

13. After the device has been set up ... leave it outside for a MINIMUM of 20 min to ensure that the satellite data is captured correctly.  

  • This may need you to disable Auto Power Off (until you complete this) ... so that it stays on for the 20min+ ... 
  • Settings > System > Auto Power Down ... must show as OFF

If you have any questions about these instructions, or are unsure of how to proceed,
please call us!

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