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Fenix / Fenix2 / Fenix3 / Tactix / D2 - battery life
An ultra marathon (ultra distance) or extra-long hike may require a decrease in track detail to ensure sufficient battery life, while a normal activity may benefit from greater detail. UltraTrac is a GPS mode that by default decreases the update rate of GPS data to once a minute to provide up to 50 hours of use in ideal conditions.  

Please note carefully that it says UP TO, which means, that in your less than ideal conditions it may be 35 hours ... or 42 hours ... or 49.5 hours ... or 31 hours ... 

All ANT+ sensors will be disabled and stop recording while the device is in UltraTrac mode. However, at times ANT+ sensor data may be recorded while the devices records a GPS track point.

To maximize battery life and detail on the Fenix, Tactix or D2:

1.Press Orange/Action key
2.Select Setup
3.Select System
4.Select GPS Mode
5.If activity is over 24 hours, Select UltraTrac
6.If activity is around 8 hours, Select Normal

If activity is greater than 8 hours:
1.Select Normal
2.Press Back
3.Select Tracks
4.Select Time for Method
5.Select Interval time*
6.Select Done

To maximize battery life and detail on the fenix2:
This is as yet untested on the fenix3, but may work.

1.Hold Menu key
2.Select Settings
3.Select Activity
4.Choose Activity
5.Select GPS Mode
6.If activity is around 8 hours, Select Normal
7.If activity is over 8 hours:
1.Select UltraTrac
2.Select Interval time*
3.Select Done

Adjusting the settings on your watch will provide you with a good balance between battery life and track detail.

*Setting the update rate to 15 seconds will provide approximately 20 hours of tracking, while setting the update rate to 20 seconds should provide greater than 24 hours of tracking time. Results will vary based on tracking conditions (heavy tree cover and other things like terrain and buildings can decrease the battery life faster).

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