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What is the Master Reset for my Forerunner 610 ?
Why Perform a Master Reset?

There are some occasions when performing a master reset can resolve certain issues, including:
  • Not receiving a satellite signal
  • Not functioning properly
  • Restoring the factory default settings
  • Bringing up language selection prompt if incorrect language text is showing
  • Unable to pair up accessories (e.g. heart rate monitor or cadence sensor)

By doing this reset, all user information, workout history, and satellite data (see below) may be erased. Workouts can be backed up to training programs like Garmin Connect.

Please Note
Due to recent software updates for Garmin fitness products, a master reset will not always delete activities - especially if there is a fault which has been caused by failing to delete old data. Activities will need to be removed from the History/Delete Menu, or via the 'Garmin' drive which appears on your PC or Mac when plugged in via USB.


READ carefully, before proceeding ...

If the Forerunner 610 is not receiving a satellite signal, perform an AutoLocate before performing a master reset. Performing an AutoLocate on your device removes all of the current satellite data on the device and allows it to re-establish a proper connection with the satellites. Check the Autolocate fix-its FAQ in the Knowledgebase.

  1. Power off watch (press and hold Light, Yes on prompt)**
  2. Press and hold Start/Stop and Lap/Reset
  3. Press and hold Light (three buttons should now be pressed in)
  4. After first beep, release Start/Stop
  5. After second beep, release Lap/Reset
  6. Release Light

The reset on the Forerunner is successful if the device finishes powering up and goes to the setup wizard. Try the steps again if the setup wizard does not appear.

Leave the device outside with a clear view of the sky for a minimum of 20 minutes to acquire satellite data once the reset and setup wizard are complete.

**If the Forerunner will not power down, press and hold Light until the watch powers off. This causes the watch to reboot itself.

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