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Vivoactive GOLF App - Instructions on How to Use

When using your Vivoactive for golf, it needs to:
(a) check GPS first (to know where you are), and
(b) your phone will then offer a Golf course library based on those courses which you have already downloaded to your mobile phone.

Where can I find a list of golf courses available?

NOTE. Due to space limitations, course data is stored in your smartphone, rather than the Vivoactive itself.** 

**UPDATE. Firmware Version 2.80 allows you to cache (i.e. save) the most recently played course on your Vivoactive without the need to link to your phone! 

How do I set up my Vivoactive for golfing?

  • Things need to be updated regularly.
  • You need to sync before you walk out on the first tee.
  • You need your mobile phone when you play - but you can download the course in advance!

You need first to download / install Garmin Express on your PC, and Garmin Connect on your phone, then:

Install and Update your Vivoactive, using your PC...

  1. On your PC, open Garmin Express - select "Add device"
  2. In the top right, there is Update Device, click on it, click on Update
  3. Click on Manage (under Applications)
  4. Select Golf, then press the right orange button
  5. Click Apply - but don't close Express yet !!!

Pair your Vivoactive with your smartphone...

  1. On your Smartphone, using Bluetooth, pair with your Vivoactive watch.
  2. Open Garmin Connect and ensure the device is associated with your login

Download Courses to your phone...

  1. On your smartphone, in the Connect app, click on the "hamburger" icon
  2. Tap on GOLF
  3. Select your courses
  4. Tap on Download Golf Courses
  5. Tap on Sync
Back to your PC... Remove the Vivoactive from PC and take outside, as well as your phone. Time to play!

Using your Vivoactive on the golf course...

  1. On the Vivoactive, press the button on the right hand side
  2. Tap on 'Golf'
  3. WAIT for GPS; it will show a list of courses near to you
  4. Select one, it will download the rest of the course data from the phone

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