Frequently Asked Questions

No PC Connectivity (i.e. my device won't connect to the PC, but has previously)

We have found that one or a combination of these fixes will work ... 

Disconnect / Re-connect  (aka Force Mass Storage Mode)
  • Remove the USB cable from the PC, but keep it plugged into the device.
  • With the device turned OFF, press and hold the Lap/Reset button
  • Now, carefully plug into the pc ... 
  • When it begins to show up as normal at the PC (i.e. with an Autoplay window or as a USB disc drive) let go of the button [it can take 15 – 120 sec, and your finger may well get uncomfortable!]. 
  • IF it doesn't show up, try a different USB port ... 

Reinstall Drivers

If the device still fails to connect...
Attempt with a different USB port ... if it still fails, try a different computer; the USB drivers on your PC might need to be installed again; be patient.
ubbing a drop of WD-40 on the device end of the USB cable and gently working the cable in and out a dozen or so times before plugging into the PC ... can not only help restore your connection, but also protects against corrosion of the USB port.

 Last updated Mon, Jul 6 2015 14:32

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