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Fenix 3 - incorrect altitude readings after manual calibration...
It is possible that when performing a manual calibration, the altitude entered may in fact be incorrect...

In some instances, an altitude level has been entered, which hasn't taken into account that height is entered by two panels. the first panel is how many 'thousands' of metres above sea level you are. The last is how many meters from 0-999. 

Entering the height in the first column, and entering the same number in the second column, means incorrect values are being entered. The effect is the device gives you erroneous reading!

44 metres is entered as 44044 meters - or 44000 if you leave the second number as zeros. GPS satellite only exist at around 20200metres!  
If you enter 0 and then 44 you get it calibrated correctly to 44metres.

When performing a manual calibration, please ensure that you have taken this feature into account!

 Last updated Mon, Jul 6 2015 14:32

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