Frequently Asked Questions

* Updating your Garmin device *

It is important to note that before updates are applied, two things must be reviewed:

  • Removal of excess activities
  • Charging of device must be more than 75% (overnight is best) using a wall based charging outlet.

Neglect, or failure, to do these things, may result in either your device needing to be formatted and the base firmware being reinstalled ... or ... worse ... becoming a brick.

If your device fails to connect to your PC, there is another FAQ that deals with that possible error.

If you get this type of error:


NEVER EVER EVER EVER use Scan and fix ... EVER ... it will brick your device ... simply click on the lower choice Continue without scanning ... and you likely will see this sort of window:

Only choose the Open folder option ... 

If the link for Webupdater in the PDF below, fails to work, click 


Attachments: The Garmin Webupdater process.pdf (253.1 kb) 

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