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Fly 6 - doesn't stay on or won't charge?

This may be caused by issue with either the battery, or the SD card.

Quick Battery Test (< 5 mins)
1. Connect to wall mount charger - if no light comes on, the unit is not charging...

2. Try gently reconnecting the charge cable an additional 2-3 times.

3. Remove the SD card and try to power on device - if it powers on, refer to Formatting section below

4. If none of the above work, confirmed battery error -> create RA ticket via Cycliq website (below).

SD Card Formatting (5-30 mins - depends on size of card)
If device powers on with SD card removed, it is likely a formatting issue...

1. Plug the Fly6 into your PC
a. It should install device drivers, and should then show up like a normal flash drive... If it doesn't, try a different USB port (or a different PC).  

2. Copy your video data out of the DCIM folder (time will vary, depending on file size)

3. Once complete - RIGHT click on the FLY6 name, and opt for 'QuickFormat.'  
a. IF 'Quick Format' does not work, perform a Full Format (i.e. UNTICK Quick format)  - this will take awhile

5. Now opt to "Remove device safely"

6. Once removed, turn the unit on - problem solved.  

7. If the above does not work -> create RA ticket via Cycliq website (read below)

For any R.A. request - please note.
Cycliq have requested that ALL Gen 1 items - if deemed faulty - are to be returned to Cycliq directly,
for them to work with the end-user, and resolve the issue.

That means that the customer (or the store on their behalf),
lodge an application for a Return Authority on Cycliq's website,
via selecting
"New Support Ticket". on their website.

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