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RFLKT Pairing Issues


New firmware for the RFLKT/RFLKT+ allows you to get call and text notifications! However, once RFLKT+ is updated, and you go to pair with the app in the phone (iPhone 5 & 6), it shows connecting and "connects", the RFLKT+ may turn itself off. 


  1. In the 'Saved Sensors' screen in the Wahoo Fitness app, make sure that the RFLKT is listed as a sensor.
  2. Make sure the RFLKT is off - hold the top two buttons to power it off if necessary
  3. Close out of all open apps
  4. 'Forget' the sensor in your Bluetooth settings.
  5. Reset the RFLKT - hold the top two buttons for 10 seconds, the device will turn on and then back off.
  6. Open the Wahoo Fitness app - go to the 'Sensors' screen
  7. Power on the RFLKT - press the top left button, and wait for the prompt to set up pairing before saving the sensor

 Last updated Fri, Mar 13 2015 09:39

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