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Charging Issues (i.e. my Garmin won't hold a charge)

  • Computers should not be used to charge a Garmin device (if you can avoid doing so).
    • There are technical reasons for this that will result in incorrect battery percentages (e.g. shows 100%, but only lasts 20 minutes). 
    • The AC wall block is supplied for a reason ... If you aren’t supplied with an AC wall block, but do have one from a different device, you should be able to use that instead

  • For watches, OFTEN caused by dirty contacts... 
    • Clean well with a cotton tip and a bit of metho, then using a pin, gently scrape the contacts surface with a pin a few times and gently clean again; fixes ~80% of issues
    • Regular maintenance WILL prevent this (e.g. rinsing the watch after an ocean swim, gentle clean/rinse with soapy water - do NOT push any buttons!)

  • Corrosion can be an issue - general maintenance is key!
    • Broken contacts - often result from not cleaning for quite some time!
    • Rub a drop of WD-40 on the device end of the USB cable and gently work the cable in and out a few times. 
    • This is a good idea to do a) soon after purchase, and b) every month or two, reducing the likelihood of any possible corrosion, from a poorly-sealed weathercap/USB port.

  • Possible faulty charging cable...
    • Test with a different Garmin USB cable or from a new one, in-store; often the supplied cable is not being used.

And, as always...

  • Remove any excess activities!
    • The files on your device can become corrupted when too many activities are stored
    • Removing excess activities will prevent this - aim for no more than 10 activities

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