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Bluetooth Pairing - Forerunners and Smartphones
When paired with newer Forerunner watches, the Garmin Connect Mobile application can wirelessly upload and share fitness data with the Garmin Connect website.

These watches will only pair with compatible mobile devices that support Bluetooth Smart (BLE) wireless technology (i.e. Bluetooth 4.0 or later).

To pair with the Garmin Connect Mobile application, please follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on the smartphone, and place within 3 metres of the Forerunner.
  2. Open Garmin Connect Mobile application.
    1. Android - Touch the menu icon (3 horizontal lines in upper left corner)
    2. iOS – touch the 'More' icon (bottom right)
  3. Touch 'Garmin Devices' > '+' > 'All Devices' > Touch 'Forerunner 225' or 'Forerunner 235'
  4. Complete the Personal Information if requested. 
  5. This allows the Forerunner 225/235 to assign personalized goals and learn your activity level.
  6. Touch 'Next'.

Forerunner 225/235
  1. Touch the Menu button on the Forerunner 225/235.
  2. Select 'Settings' > 'Bluetooth' > 'Pair Mobile Device' > Touch 'Start' (iOS) or 'Search for Device' (Android) on the application.
  3. Touch 'Yes' after verifying the passkeys match.
  4. Touch your choice for Activity Tracking.
  5. Touch 'Done' (iOS) or 'Ok' (Android).
  6. You have now successfully paired the Garmin Connect Mobile application with your Forerunner 225/235, and the device will sync.

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