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HRM not pairing
Hello team ...

With HR straps especially, please provide a proof of purchase on application for an RA ... if from a bundle box, please provide the serial number from that. Until this information is forthcoming no RA will be issued to you.

The below suggestions assume you have changed the battery today, and already tested that that does NOT work ... after you have of course UNpaired / disabled Pairing for it in the head unit, turned the head unit off ... and then attempt to REpair to the head unit once turned on and Search All sensors etc.

In the meantime, you can cross check the strap yourself in this way:

  • remove the transponder from the suspect strap
  • attach that transponder to a known working strap (this makes it a "new" strap)
  • then pair that "new" strap to a *different* head unit ... and if you get correct readings, then we know the transponder is working as it should.
  • and most importantly: when any ANT+ sensor has had a battery change, the head unit being paired to, should have that sensor disabled, the head unit turned off and then the head unit turned back on, and the sensor enabled / search for all sensors.
  • If you are using a Garmin HRM Run ... the firmware in this can be updated. Open the Garmin Connect app in your phone, pair the strap to it and process the update.

If you get no readings, please advise what the head unit was that you paired to and the firmware version in that head unit (usually: Settings > System > About) ... without that information, no RA will be issued.

There is NO need for anyone to wear the customer's strap ...

NOTE: HR Straps sent to us, that, after testing (and if necessary, updating) the transponder with a known working strap, do connect and provide reliable data, will have the soft strap only replaced, be invoiced accordingly including freight
, and have the transponder and new soft strap returned.

Generally speaking, if your HR strap is more than 6 months old and fail the tests above, you are advised to buy a complete new strap, or soft strap only, as necessary.

I'll wait to hear back after your testing ...

 Last updated Mon, Jul 6 2015 14:32

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