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What is the Master reset for my Vivofit 1/2/3

To get a full factory reset and will make the device, as new out of the box:

  • hold button to put it in SLEEP mode ;
  • press button 5x very quickly; hold on 5th press until version appears and screen goes blank; (takes about 20sec)
  • release and press button quickly then hold until restart.
All data was erased, and device was unpaired.

There is also a SOFT reset, which won't delete data ... but will fix a lot of minor issues.

  • Hold button to put the Vivofit in SLEEP mode
  • Press the button 5 times until it shows the firmware version (FW version)
  • Hold the button until the Vivofit powers off

 Last updated Mon, Jul 6 2015 14:32

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