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No Speed, Cadence, or Heart Rate?

So, you've changed the battery, in your HR strap {or speed/cadence sensors} and still nothing?

Have you....

1. Un-paired the speed/cadence or HRM from the device, and then re-paired it ? 

  • HRM -> set HRM to NO; put the sensor on, set to YES, then re-scan
  • Speed & Cadence -> ensure you have selected the correct sensor in your bike profile - failure to select the correct sensors will leave you without one or the other!
    • For GSC10, select Speed/Cadence 
    • For new speed & cadence sensors, select speed & cadence

2. Tested the HRM with a known working device? 

3. Tried to reset the transponder?
  • Remove the battery for a minute or so, and then re-install. Simple as that!

4. Ensured the HRM strap has been well maintained?
  • Some have found that by applying moisture to the strap (not the sensor) first, patting dry and then wearing it, it works much better! 
  • Don’t let sweat build up in it
  • Clean the strap only - not the sensor - after each run with a gentle hose / hand rinse in clean water
  • Let it dry face up on a flat surface; NOT in a dryer which will void your warranty. Hand wash gently and rinse every 4th or 5th run.

5. Completed a master reset of the head unit?

  • Be aware - you will lose data!

6. Removed all excess activities?
  • The files on your device can become corrupted when too many activities are stored
  • Removing excess activities will prevent this - aim for no more than 5 activities

It is important to note here that HR straps have a limited warranty, as they are a recognised "wear and tear" item.
Care of the product, contrary to, or in contravention of, the instruction manual, will VOID the warranty.

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