Frequently Asked Questions

KICKR Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

Please follow these three steps to isolate the issue.

1. Unplug the Kickr/Snap for 5 minutes.

2. Close all additional apps (on all nearby devices) capable of connecting to the trainer (see below) 

Trainers can only connect to one device or app at a time. Most apps are capable of running in the background on devices, and continuing to have a connection to the KICKR/Snap, will prevent other apps from connecting to the Trainer or can cause conflicting commands to be sent to the Trainer.

iOS Devices

1. Close Apps - this link shows how to close the apps on iOS -

2. Perform a network reset - note this will require you to re-enter wifi passwords, as it resets wifi too.
a - Open the Settings app
b - Click on General
c - Click on Reset
d - Click on Reset Network Settings

Android Devices

- Simply restart your phone

Garmin Devices

- If you have a Garmin computer, turn this off

3. KICKR / KICKR SNAP Firmware

a. Check that firmware on the KICKR or KICKR SNAP is up to date, which can be done through the free Wahoo Fitness App (Wahoo Fitness -> saved sensors -> Kickr/Snap)

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