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Unhappy face - ELEMNT

If you manage to see an unhappy face, when you plug in your ELEMNT to charge ... it does mean something ... it means that the USB port you have plugged your device into is NOT receiving enough power to charge your device; this is also true of many other devices plugged in to charge. 

This can often be because the USB port on the laptop you are using isn't configured that way, and please note that the COLOURS of USB ports is VERY important: .... thank you Wikipedia!

IF the device after a period of time of charging doesn't seem to have charged ... either find yourself a different USB port, or ... grab an AC wall block and charge it that way.

... and don't forget that almost ALL laptops, unless settings have been altered, are set to turn off power to USB ports when they go to sleep, so your device will NOT charge at all.

 Last updated Fri, Mar 13 2015 09:39

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