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DASH - Data Recording, or "Why does my Ride Activity keep pausing?"
Data Recording
DASH Data Recording (pause) options are set per each activity profile in order to allow different options for each activity type. Data recording options determine when the Dash unit will automatically stop recording data during a ride.

To update these settings, go to: Main Menu > Activity Settings > Select Activity Profile > Recording > Enabled Option

A rider's options are:

GPS Pause

Records all data when user is moving (GPS detected movement), pauses recording when user is stopped or when user presses the start/stop button

Sensor Pause

Records all data when user is moving, or when power, cadence, or speed are detected. Pauses when all are 0 or when user presses the start/stop button


Records all data regardless of user activity, can only be paused when the user presses the start/stop button

Continuous with GPS Off

Disables the GPS chip and records all data regardless of user activity (good for indoor riding), can only be paused by push of the start/stop button

'Sensor Pause' is unique to Stages and perfect for those scenarios we've all experienced where a head unit loses GPS signal while we're still moving. This problem may be due to a low speed that GPS can't detect or interference from tree cover on a mountain bike ride or the first few seconds when starting from a stop. Sensor pause fixes these issues by using both GPS and sensor information from a rider's power meter to determine when to automatically pause.

We use sensor pause nearly exclusively when riding outside (unless an event requires continuous recording) and if you've ever had your head unit annoyingly pause and un-pause repeatedly on a ride due to speed or interference this option is your remedy. 

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