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Activity won't upload !!?!?!!

This FAQ item is relevant to various Wahoo and later model Garmin devices ... it is UNlikely to affect older Edge units (510, 810 etc) ... but that's only a guess.

The file structure of the FIT file created by the later devices above, is now DIFFERENT.

The structure of the FIT file is now being flagged as v2. The implementation and introduction of FIT 2.0 has been gradually introduced since May 2016

There are multiple forums in which this issue is being discussed and is a subject over which we have no input.

There are various tools requiring various levels of technical competency on the interweb that will allow you to convert from v2.0 ... down to v1.0 ... the most common are:

NB: Using a GPX file will strip the power data if you are using a power meter.

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