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This is the BIKE STORE Portal    

The COVID-19 issue has created bedlam with freight and stock, as most of us know ... and we need updated opening hours for you, if we are arranging collection from you. 

The Covid-19 issue has also caused some stock levels to run low ... and depending on the item, there may be unavoidable delays ... while we wait on stock to arrive.

We can all handle delays as inconvenient as they may be ... we need everyone to be and remain healthy.

There are ALSO lengthy delays in the SERVICE area ... their workload is TEN TIMES what it is from normal levels and they are doing the best they can. Please be patient ... you will be responded to.

Thank you for your understanding, respect and patience during these trying times.

BRISBANE has a PUBLIC HOLIDAY today, Friday 14 Aug.  Skeleton staff only.

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